About Leah


Leah Bachar is a performer, writer and producer. Fascinated by human connection, Leah is drawn to public performance. Especially unique, interactive situations that create an open arena for spontaneous experiences that break barriers between spectator and performer.

Leah takes deep interest in ritualistic theatre and the healing properties of the arts. She is drawn to the creation of containers where performance art and human healing intertwine.

Leah’s disciplines include:

  • Guerrilla theatre
  • Different cultures
  • Experimental music
  • The written word
  • Surreal stagings
  • Entering trance states
  • Dancing
    Radical artistic collaboration
  • Social experiments
  • and Curating happenings

Realizing the powerful social and political message that the arts emit, Leah is interested in initiating conversations and introducing people to one another who wouldn’t normally meet. Her goal is to help facilitate a greater universal discourse between artists and their communities.

Leah is also an Associate Artistic Director at The Living Theatre in New York City, a member of the experimental performance installation ensemble Bad Unkl Sista, Co-Founder of the theatrical production company, Perf (Performance Embodying Revolutionary Form) Productions, and performs and writes under the moniker Child of No Nation (aka cnn.)


Who I am


Child of No Nation

Experimental Performance Artist

Birthed out of the cracks and crevices that exist between the stronghold of capitalism and commercialism, Child of No Nation finds inspiration and fuel in the mystery and madness that exists outside the castle walls.

An artistic revolution is happening out there right now, a transmutation of passions and ideals, and that means society is changing as well. Artistic expression is beginning to once again realize the responsibility it has to serve the community.

We have been intentionally oversaturated by mass media and we must rise up out of this externally induced coma and create the world we want to live in. We must find our way back to that surreal animal soul scream that exists inside every one of us.

It is time to rise up on all fronts and prepare ourselves for what is to come. This project and album is the sound of the people rising up.

We call it a social experiment of ideas and sounds.

There is no genre attached to what you are about to hear but instead it asks you to imagine your own.

Now more than ever we must point to the truth of where we are.

Vocals/Lyrics:  Leah V Bachar
Music/Vocals/Mixing:  Brad Hamers
Music/Vocal:  Brandon Fisette
Music/Vocals:  Jessica Daugherty
Mastering:  Julian Silva
Album Art:  Murat Kahya


My bio


Political / Activisam

    The Living Theatre is presenting a rare revival of one of their most significant pieces, Seven Meditations On Political Sado-Masochism, which has not been performed since it’s debut in 1973.  Seven Meditations was written after co-founder Judith Malina and members of the company were imprisoned–and some tortured–by the Médici dictatorship in Brazil in that same year.  

    Experimental Theatre

      “No Place to Hide” will run March 19-29 at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center (107 Suffolk Street) with tickets available online. The production is presented by executive producer Brad Burgess, with associate artistic directors Leah Bachar and Tom Walker.


      What i do





      Next Workshop:

      Collective Experiments in Physical and Vocal Freedom #3

      March 19th, 2017

      Facebook Event
      $10 suggested donation.

      The container always commences with a collective meditation to center the room. The meditation itself is the entryway to the experience. One must fall backwards in order to climb forward.

      Most of the meditations begin with the participants placed in a comfortable position. A blindfold is used in order to black out the room completely and allow the participant to deeply relax.

      The experience requires minimal to no conversation at first and I ask that all participants turn off their cell phones and keep the chatter to a minimum at least ten minutes before the beginning of the workshop. This is enforced for the participant’s benefit in order to reach a place of clarity before beginning what can be a physically, emotionally, psychologically challenging workshop.

      The meditation can last anywhere from 30-45 minutes (depending on the independent pace of the individuals and how they work as a collective). Once the group is up on their feet after spending time in this deep meditative state, they will be prompted and guided to complete certain exercises or activities. These series of exercises will lead participants to travel deep within themselves and allow them the chance to break through and out of any existing, inhibiting shells.
      The intensity of each prompt (whether physical or vocal or a combination) will give the participants a peek into their trained human behavior. The presence of a trance state, achieved through meditation, helps the individual to abandon their inner/outer armor and also challenge their deepest fears and anxieties.

      As we work on individual behavior, we simultaneously focus on the collective experience. The only way we can work through the challenging aspect of the workshop (whether it be physical, vocal, emotional or psychological) is to be able to work together. There is a healing aspect that occurs when humans recognize themselves in one another, while working together, and that is the point of this experiment.

      After the duration of the workshop, participants will find themselves closer to one another and closer to their own truth. The vulnerability and courage it takes to step out of the box with each other will aim to help the group and the individual summon a collective and personal transcendence that can only come from raw and honest participation.
      There is no previous performance experience required. Anyone and everyone is able to participate in this container.
      Please dress comfortably.

      These containers are inspired by Human Psychology, Ancient Ceremonies, Trance States, Psychomagic, Experimental Theatre Exercises, Ecstatic Dance, Healing Practices and Ritual Performance.

      If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me: